History of Amin sanat Pouya Company

History of Amin Sanat Pouya Company

History of the company

History of Amin Sina Pouya Company
Amin-e-Pooya Co., with its continuous endeavors and efforts, board members, experts and employees on December 20, 2014, started their production activities. Given that the company's managers and personnel are young, they are based on the efforts of their managers and specialists who have been active in the industry for many years. Amin-e-Pooya Company built its zinc casting plant with the most advanced equipment and machinery and the most advanced technology of refining and electrolysis and melting. The bullion on this company produces the ASP ARAK ZINC brand with international standards and internationally accepted quality This quality and the global standard has led Amin-e Pouya's company to export a large part of its products to markets outside of Iran. On the other hand, with the commitment to environmental protection, Amin-e-Poya Company has devoted its maximum efforts to improving the management of waste from its own production. With the support of our customers and the efforts of our managers and personnel, Amin-e-Pooya Company, by rejecting actions contrary to the interests of the society, from any perspective considers its management system based on health, safety and environmental standards and free of any tendencies and political orientations. And we are confident that we will achieve sustainable growth and opportunity to serve our country's economy in Iran
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